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This is an article about water as a human right. Water as a Human Right

Introduction to the Movement
CARYM stands for Catholic Agricultural ans Rural Youth Movement we deal with agriculture especially with the rural youth in the local set up of Gulu Archdiocese covering the Districts of Gulu ,Amuru,Pader and Kitgum,ie within the 25 Parishes of Gulu Archdiocese
Rural areas offer a lot of opportunities especially
to young people,stable social structures ,close links to decision makers ,people who know how to bring ideas in to reality and atmosphere full of creativity,However ,many young people are forced to move and leave the villages because of lack of job opportunities or limited access to education .This is one of the fundamental finding that CARYM as a movement has come out with .Therefor we have a principle which says "Change the village -Change yourself".

-CARYM therefore will not focus only on this problems and ask for policy makers to change something .Together with the Youth Apostate offices which over sees all the youth activities ,groups,Movements and youth Associations in the archdiocese of Gulu,we developed Visions to strengthen our villages and to help the young stars to see themselves and living and contributing in rural areas .

The most important thing is to trust youg people ,to offer them places and resources to work out their own ideas and help them to make these dreams real.Young people need opportunities to take responsibilities and to identify themselves with their home villages .They need opportunities to influence their environment and their society.

we as youth Movement call for this participation,but we also have something to offer ,the many young people who gain valuable skills through the participation in the trainings we offer on farming and in the implementation of the programs we give to the young people here in our movement has helped the youth who play an important roles in the rural areas.

Finally it is this young blood in the rural areas that will derive communities forward and ensure that new generations have a sustainable future.

the farm for one of our members

1.Rural youth achieves autonomy working on sustainable and solidarity economy
2.CARYM implements global /holistic education to form responsible and competent rural men and women .
3.CARYM and rural youth participate in decision making at all levels.
4.Environmental protection is taken as a very important area of concern.
5.Women are empowered at all levels in relation with the rights and their participation to take leadership.
distributionof farm tools to the members

CARYM uses the methology of: see, judge, act and evalute of the Late Fr.Cardjin,through this the young people are able to meet the different challenges in life and live sustainably.

thePagak being one of the camps in the North
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