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This is a new BOSCO classroom-to-classroom project to collaborate over plant collection and documentation in multiple sites, beginning with students in Gulu, Uganda, and South Dakota, USA.

Ethnobotanical Survey

Students and their teacher, Jokondino Okema, are photographing plants, documenting their GPS coordinates, and collecting stories of their uses as a way to document their botanical assets. Ethnobotany is the study of knowledge, skills, and daily uses of plants in a particular area that enable the people of the local community to get the most out of their natural environment, (Josef de Beer, et al).

The following have been identified (M.E. Jones referenced by de Beer) as common themes embedded within indigenoues knowledge that are instrinsic to its integration into the science curriculum, and they indicate that indigenous knowledge is characterized by the following:
  • Based on experience
  • Often tested over centuries of use
  • Developed as a collective database of observable knowledge
  • Adapted to local culture and environment
  • Dynamic and changing: a living knowledge base
  • Can be applied to problem solving
  • Transmitted orally and sometimes encapsulated in metaphor
  • Inseparably embedded in ethics, spirituality, metaphysics, ceremony and social order
  • Bridging the science of theory with the science of practice
  • A holistic vs a reductionist (Western science) approach
  • Ecologically based
  • Contexualized vs decontexualized science

This page is set aside for data entry from Gulu

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